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What we offer

Our business covers tasks including consulting, system introduction and development, infrastructure construction,
operation and maintenance services for their lifecycle.

IFS Solution Business (Segment)


We support the digitization of global manufacturing customers who deliver Japanese
manufacturing to the world. We have formed a global partnership with IFS, a vendor of ERP-IFS
Applications originating in Sweden, which is the core of our services, and provide total enterprise solutions, including the construction of the core system ERP and its peripheral systems.
We cover tasks including consulting, system introduction and development, operation and
maintenance services for lifecycles.


Our company is a strategic business partner with IFS companies in Japan, China and Thailand.
In addition to installation and maintenance services in Japan, we also provide overseas rollout
in cooperation with local subsidiaries. We will support you on-site.

IFS solution overview

IFS provides companies around the world with solutions that help them:

・ Supply chain
・Equipment maintenance, after-sales service, etc.

Our consultants, who are deeply familiar with each industry, provide full support from introduction to operation and maintenance.

ERP Consulting

Co-creation with customers to solve issues

We provide an optimal proposal with IFS Solution to customers to solve the management issues that they face, after we deeply
analyze and understand the issues. By introducing ERP as a
”Business management tool" , instead of a ”Work efficiency tool", we will greatly contribute to the growth and transformation of


Operation and Maintenance Support

We have the team that delivers high quality

We build relationships with IFS Partner companies and respond
flexibly to the development and introduction of each module
of the IFS package. We customize the service level according to the customer's operation calendar, including the development
of peripheral systems (e.g. barcode, EDI), operation design, system operation, service monitoring.